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Our detective agency, established 1924, is one of the oldest and most renowned detective agencies in the world. “Seeing without being seen” is our slogan which was coined by the Mannheim Police President who founded the Meng detective agency.

Five good reasons...

With the Meng detective agency, you are always making the right choice if you value professional and reputable investigations. With over 90 years of experience, we implement performance tested strategies and one of the most superior staff available.

#1 Free consultation!

To advise you competently and without time pressure, the initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

#2 Efficiency and speed

Our branches are open around the clock 365 days of the year and we are always ready to start your case. Through a large staff base and a global network, we can quickly and professionally complete your case.

#3 Court admissible results and reporting

Our professional, objective and meticulous reports are always admissible in a court of law. You will receive with each report; video and photo interpretation and witness testimony form the agent, in the event of legal proceedings in court.

#4 Specially trained personnel

Our detective agency employs exclusively professional detectives and specially trained security personnel with experience from the military and police authorities. This enables us to guarantee the highest degree of professionalism.

#5 Over 90 years of experience

The detective agency Meng has been working for you for over 90 years and possesses, among other qualities, the highest level of experience and quality through countless worldwide operations of all categories in both the business and the private sector.



We send undercover agents into your business to reliably and discreetly obtain court admissible evidence.


We investigate around the clock, regionally and nationally, 365 days a year with experienced personnel.


Berlin, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kaiserlautern, Landau (Pfalz), Mainz, Munich, Speyer, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden…

International Projects

We are also active abroad with branches, e.g. in the USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands…

Detectives, Security and Investigation

The ever evolving manifestations of criminal offenses against economic institutions and the private sector calls for the continuous development of methods and techniques to avoid such threats.

Only those who coevolve will remain successful through the test of time.

The MENG detective agency guarantees the use of expert professionals and modern technology in every area of our work, such as highly qualified and formally trained detectives, security guards, bodyguards, and technicians, as well as advanced industrial grade technology for surveillance and security.

In addition to having specialized and highly modern capabilities, the MENG detective agency is a credible and seasoned global player with over 90 years of accumulated experience and a network of national and international branches serving clients around the world.

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Detective Meng

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  1. Specially trained personnel
  2. Efficiency and speed
  3. Over 90 years of experience
  4. Free consultation
  5. Court admissible reports


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