Private Detective Agency

Our professional investigators assist you with private investigations in a competent and discreet manner and support you in a variety of fields of application.

Search for missing persons

Partners or family members, a friend or acquaintance or in the most dramatic cases, a child: Anyone who is suddenly confronted with the disappearance of a loved one is catapulted into a mixture of shock, fear and grief.

Locating Addresses

However, again and again we come across serious problems when determining an exact address.

Examination of maintenance

A separation is almost always a painful process. One the one hand, if the separation is not mutually sought or if there is a decision to be made regarding the custody of the couple’s children, and on the other hand, if there is a dispute over any maintenance payments for the ex-partner or for the children living with the partner.

Assessment of custody

Parting is painful. This wise saying not only applies to divorces that are not by mutual agreement in which one of the two partners is suffering greatly through the breakup. The pain of separation is also not always based on the financial loss that a marriage partner...

Evidence of stalking

It is not uncommon for the consequences for people who are harassed by a stalker to be massive and range from psychological responses through economic losses and on to physical injuries

Personal surveillance

In the vast majority of cases professional surveillance of persons is due to the client’s suspicion that a particular person cannot be trusted.

GPS satellite positioning

Through the use of GPS (Global Positioning System), the quality control of the tracking of vehicles and goods is facilitated by a multiple.

Personal protection or property protection

An ever declining sense of wrongdoing and the continuously growing readiness of some people to turn criminal energy into violence and other crimes, has led to the understandable desire of many people to provide themselves with greater security for themselves or their company by means of qualified security personnel

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