Our experienced experts in security concepts offer tailor-made analyzes tailored to your individual needs.

Maritime Security

Maritime security – security measures for shipping companies and private yachts.

Video surveillance

Video or camera surveillance is not only one of the techniques most often used but is also, by a margin, one of the most effective types of surveillance in the investigative repertoire of a professional detective agency.

GPS satellite positioning

Through the use of GPS (Global Positioning System), the quality control of the tracking of vehicles and goods is facilitated by a multiple.

Personal protection or property protection

An ever declining sense of wrongdoing and the continuously growing readiness of some people to turn criminal energy into violence and other crimes, has led to the understandable desire of many people to provide themselves with greater security for themselves or their company by means of qualified security personnel

Security concepts

Our experienced experts for security concepts can provide you with tailored analyses adapted to your individual needs.

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