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One of the oldest detective agencies in the world since 1924

Detective agency Meng – your detectives in Tallahassee and the surrounding area

Geschäftsführer Detektei USA & Kanada

Mr. M. Aschman

CEO USA & Canada

269 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA



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MENG Detective Agency Tallahassee

Mr. M. Aschman
(CEO USA & Canada)

269 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA

Detective agency Meng – your detectives in and around Tallahassee (FL)

The main location of the detective Meng in Tallahassee (FL) was founded back in 1924. The following decades were then characterized not only by highly successful investigative work by highly qualified detectives, but also marked by a consistent expansion.

tallahasseeSo there are 90 years after the founding of 28 branches and operational areas in Germany, other European countries, in the USA and Canada. The reason is that professional investigation cannot stop at national borders and we want to offer our clients the expertise of nationally and internationally Economic and private detective. One of our successful sites in the United States of America can be found in Dallas (TX), Washington (DC), Nashville (TN), Atlanta (GA), Panama City (FL), New Orleans (LA), Las Vegas (NV), Miami (FL), Orlando (FL), Tallahassee (FL), Los Angeles (CA), New York (NY), and in the Caribbean city San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In any of this great cities our competent and experienced detectives convince firstly by best local knowledge determine and investigate for you. But when required to extend also to Central or South America, Mexico or Canada. By we can fall back on our own agents in the US, our customers not only benefit from excellent communication, but also by the fact that no extra costs for flights to America or the hiring of subcontractors will be charged.

Our employees are specialized in both economic and private matters, and are invariably Private Investigator (PI) – A ministerial license, which allows research on American soil.

From the search for missing persons, on to the investigation in cases of industrial espionage and detecting proof of stalking or stolen goods, you can also apply the necessary inquiries in the Tallahassee area, or any other region in the United States easily from Germany.

Contact us by a branch of your choice – also as part of a non-binding and free initial consultation – to portray your individual request, before we forward your order to our American employees. The documentation of the case results are available on request in English or German, the fee for our professional services, you can pay in Euros or US Dollar.

Recent investigations from Tallahassee (Florida)

Search for missing persons

Partners or family members, a friend or acquaintance or in the most dramatic cases, a child: Anyone who is suddenly confronted with the disappearance of a loved one is catapulted into a mixture of shock, fear and grief.

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