Also in preface to appointing (an employee) – i.e. in regards to the complete application and selection process- and also for filling possibly sensitive positions, it is possible to investigate whether a candidate is ideal.

Diskrete Bewerberanalyse durch unsere DetektiveThis is particularly important when dealing with positions associated with a high degree of responsibility, with access to confidential data or activities involving the security business. In the vast majority of cases, the comprehensive investigative results of our detective agency can provide the company with a meaningful profile of the applicant with a high degree of relevance for the decision on appointment.

Candidates can often be very inventive in order to gain access to the know-how of another company. To do so, falsified application documents are often used in order to make their entry into the company easier.

We can carry out an unobtrusive analysis of the application documentation submitted to you to ensure that it is correct and we can check the CVs, certificate grades, references, periods abroad and the titles acquired there for their truthfulness. Through precise analysis we uncover the inconsistencies in the application documents.

Inquiries into applicant´s personal situation, in regards to unofficial and official reputation, criminal record and company loyalty belong to the capabilities of the applicant evaluation process, alongside checking the credibility of the applicant´s personal submissions.


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