Parting is painful. This wise saying not only applies to divorces that are not by mutual agreement in which one of the two partners is suffering greatly through the breakup. The pain of separation is also not always based on the financial loss that a marriage partner must often endure.

Assessment of custodyThe most emotional breakups – in the private context and in a law court – are most often those where a fierce battle is fought for the custody of the couple’s children. Disputes that are incidentally not only on the agenda with marital divorces but also with the breakdown of non-married partnerships must be dealt with.

Custody cases are some of the most difficult decisions in the everyday professional life of the judges entrusted with these cases. On the one hand, because there is a moral duty to find the best possible solution for the children in question. On the other hand, custody cases often involve a disproportionate amount of lying, in some cases actually very brazen lying.

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It is not uncommon that the highly emotional “object of the dispute” – the child – results in the two parties deliberately speaking ill of each other in court. This goes so far that some people recount tales of offenses such as the neglect or abuse of the child, drug or alcohol abuse or crimes, directed against their ex-partners. And the reverse may also arise: The former partner is, in fact, not able to provide adequate care for the child due to their way of life, but denies this.

It is difficult for the layperson to provide the necessary evidence. Our detective agency is experienced in custody battles and can help in this case to secure adequate evidence, which will also withstand legal scrutiny. Particularly with these highly emotional proceedings, it cannot be said often enough that the parties involved should have the advice and know-how of a professional detective agency on their side.