A separation is almost always a painful process. One the one hand, if the separation is not mutually sought or if there is a decision to be made regarding the custody of the couple’s children, and on the other hand, if there is a dispute over any maintenance payments for the ex-partner or for the children living with the partner.

Examination of maintenanceWhether or not the family court orders maintenance payments and the amount that these should be set at depends to a great extent on the personal circumstances of the two partners and in some cases also on the reason for the breakup of the marriage.

Due to the latitude afforded by the legal regulations, even these result in a great many lies being told in court, in particular in matters of maintenance.

There are two main types of cases that lead to our detective agency being commissioned in a dispute over maintenance.

Either the party liable to pay the maintenance would like to prove that the maintenance claims have been unjustly levied. This can be justified in cases where the ex-partner has caused the separation through their behavior or if they have financial assets or income that they did not admit to in court.

On the other hand, our detective agency can provide helpful support to many of those entitled to maintenance who have obtained a maintenance settlement from the family court that the party liable to pay the maintenance is not prepared to pay based on a great variety of pretexts. In most cases, conclusive evidence is required for successfully surviving a legal dispute, and this can be discreetly and reliably brought to light by our professional investigators.

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