The tiny microphone in the telephone receiver, the hidden camera in the room ceiling, the illegal software on the company computer – the professional counter-surveillance implemented by an experienced detective agency sweeps private houses and companies for forbidden espionage equipment, removes this reliably and provides detailed guidance on effective precautionary measures to prevent unwanted surveillance and eavesdropping.

We trace eavesdropping equipment in your premises.Unfortunately it often takes a great deal of time for a private person or a company to decide to proceed with professional counter-surveillance – even in the face of solid grounds for suspicion.

The belief that illegal eavesdropping is restricted only to large corporations or public figures and apart from that is only something from a thriller, can be a disastrous way of thinking, as a glimpse of the sheer immeasurable range of freely available eavesdropping equipment alone can show. Regardless of whether this concerns listening in to mobile phone conversations, spying on computer systems or recording volatile conferences: For any type of eavesdropping the lay person can find a complete range of fully developed surveillance equipment – primarily on the Internet. And there is a second unsettling piece of news.

From the mini-cameras to bugs, the corresponding equipment is often extremely effective but not too difficult to handle so that almost anyone is able to place the respective surveillance system in situ. The alarming result: Eavesdropping is not rare, on the contrary: It is being used ever more boldly.


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