The term stalking refers to any activity where a person contacts or pesters another person against their will and restricts their personal rights.

It is not uncommon for the consequences for people who are harassed by a stalker to be massive and range from psychological responses through economic losses and on to physical injuries.

We uncover stalking casesWir decken Stalking Fälle auf. The term stalking is particularly well known in the context of public figures. Typical examples are singers or actors, who are followed practically day and night by one of their fans in seemingly pathological worship.

However, this behavior that appears to be anchored far away in the world of stars and starlets has long since crossed over into everyday life: For example, the family man is followed by a lovesick woman, the dismissed employee wants to make his former boss’s life hell and the abandoned partner who will stop at nothing against his ex-girlfriend’s will – in some cases even resorting to violence – to persuade her to come back to him.

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The behavior of the stalkers – frequently based on pure hatred and/or psychological issues – is as different as the perpetrators themselves. The scope of persistent pestering here ranges from countless telephone calls every day through targeted defamation and on to constant ambushing. In extreme cases it can even include climbing over balconies to get into the victim’s apartment as well as the threat of causing physical, economic or social injury to the victim or their friends and relatives.

To be considered stalking it is fundamental that the form of contacting the respective person has been clearly rejected and declared as being undesired. Unfortunately in the case of stalkers with psychological disorders and a distinct lack of forbearance, it is not uncommon that the rejection will make them feel even more spurred on to pursue their goal or in the worst cases even to react with aggression and unpredictable acts of revenge.

Our investigators have the knowledge and the technical know-how required to establish a well-founded suspicion that will initiate the prosecutor or the police following the stalker. Often the confrontation of the perpetrator with the conclusive evidence against them is enough to get them to finally stop this behavior.