The most common form, which represents the work of a professional detective agency to the uninitiated, is the shadowing or following of suspects in order to secure evidence of illegal activities or breach of trust.

Covert investigators investigate undetected in the immediate working environmentOften less well known is that fact that the repertoire of services provided by a professional detective agency also includes placing covert investigators in the immediate environment of the person to be watched.

In most cases this is the business in which the suspect is active. More than anything else, it is creativity that distinguishes an experienced detective agency:

If it is suspected that the person in question wants to sell stolen goods in a dining establishment or regularly establishes contact in a certain establishment, in order to cheat on their partner, skillful investigators can also be placed in these locations with complete discretion.

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The new trainee is suspected of stealing not only office materials but also computer accessories from the company. With a certain salesperson there is an unexplained deficit in the till time and again.

To the two most common specific applications for the infiltration of a covert investigator in the workplace are theft and embezzlement. A detective agency is consulted most often here, and with good reason as companies’ internal investigations do not end successfully in most cases.

On the one hand the employee will hardly ever admit to such a deed even if they are confronted with the suspicion without warning. Surveillance cameras or similar devices quite often result in employees insisting on their personal rights being complied with and naturally warn a careful perpetrator.

The result of inexpert research: in certain cases, a significant and noticeable deterioration of working atmosphere without the culprit being convicted, or without the theft or embezzlement being cleared up.