International Investigations & International detective agency

The international detective agency and consulting Meng, which was founded in 1924, consciously relies on international locations. This is due to the fact that in the course of rapid globalization, many research trails lead abroad, but a professional investigation, of course, must not fail at national borders.

On the other hand, the cooperation with our own detectives and legal team with local knowledge, which are used worldwide, is more exact, less expensive for the customer and in many cases, also significantly more successful.

For this reason, in the past 95 years not only branch offices of the Meng detective agency have been established in Germany and the USA, but also in other countries around the world. Through our 14 well-distributed national and international branches in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, you will not incur any unnecessary arrival or expense costs when placing an order from anywhere in the world.
Our international investigators are invariably well-prepared for their tasks and have the necessary regulatory approval as a Private Investigator (PI) for the US and Europe investigations.

This recognition allows them to address you in economic or private detective matters throughout North America and Europe, such as: Infidelity, Custody Disputes, Missing Persons Search, Background Check, Fraud, Industrial Espionage, Divorce Evidence, Corporate Sexual Harassment, Civil Law Suits, Financial and Insurance Fraud Investigations, Hidden Assets, Due Diligence, Corporate Espionage, Insurance Investigations, Pre-Employment Screening, Tenant/Landlord Investigations, Loss And Theft, Identity Theft, Elderly Abuse, Spousal Abuse ,Nanny Cams, International Investigation, International Investigator, International Detective, National Investigations, Investment Investigations ,Computer Forensics ,Financial and Insurance Fraud Investigations, Criminal Background Check and more to take action.

From the search for missing persons to the investigation of white-collar crime, to the evidence of infidelity, you can of course also use the professional services of our international Investigators in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. The focus is always on helping you as diligently and quickly as possible in your concerns and providing you with the evidence that is necessary and sufficient in type and quantity for your purposes.

Organizing our investigations from our detective agency, such as the East Coast or other areas of the United States, is as straight forward as it is efficient for you: you can easily order the research you’re looking for in North America and Europe at any of our branches worldwide and of course pay our fee in Euros or US & Canadian dollars.