In the vast majority of cases professional surveillance of persons is due to the client’s suspicion that a particular person cannot be trusted. This mistrust can be related both to private life as well as to the professional environs.

Personal surveillanceThe reason for the wish to have persons from their immediate circle monitored often lies in a relationship or marriage characterized by mistrust or jealousy. In general a partner believes that the other is cheating on them and would like to find out whether an affair is really going on or not through the investigative skills of our detective agency.

Financial irregularities can also place a heavy strain on the relationship. For example, if a partner regularly takes out larger sums of money from the joint account but does not reveal the reason for this or provides only a threadbare or a rather implausible reason.

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Another classic is where there has been a private money loan and this has not been repaid on time. The debtor has claimed that they are unable to pay and the creditor does not believe this. In all of these cases, the findings of an investigation can help in two ways: You find out the truth about an untrustworthy partner or friend, or you can invalidate your suspicions and this can lead to a stabilization of the atmosphere of trust so critical for a relationship or friendship.

The measures for shadowing are clarified individually

The types of investigation that could be employed within the scope of personal surveillance depend on the particular circumstances of the individual case in question. As a matter of principle, it is part of the code of conduct for any responsible detective agency that they operate within the legal standards and regulations. The methods employed start with the unobtrusive observation of the person in question and the written or photographic logging of the actions relevant for the purposes of the investigation.

There are no time limits or territorial limits on the commitment of our detective agency. Continuous behavioral observation of the person over several weeks or months is likewise possible – and in certain circumstances also advisable to achieve the intended purpose – such as the consistent continuation of the shadowing if the person is abroad. Likewise, as a reliable detective agency we keep our clients up to date with the preliminary results of our investigations and will discuss the types of measures beforehand and will always provide guidance with regard to the next practical steps.

The objective of all investigations is the delivery of meaningful evidence that will either unambiguously confirm or refute the suspicion harbored. Evidence provided must be of a nature and content that will be accepted by a court of law. If a person is convicted of an offense on the basis of the surveillance by a detective agency, there is also often a good chance that the injured party and the client are able to claim the costs of the detective agency for the personal surveillance from the guilty party.