Partners or family members, a friend or acquaintance or in the most dramatic cases, a child: Anyone who is suddenly confronted with the disappearance of a loved one is catapulted into a mixture of shock, fear and grief.

Search for missing personsBecause in addition to missing the absent person, there is also the nagging uncertainty: What happened on the day of the disappearance or shortly before that? Was this a crime or did the missing person disappear willingly? Are they in need of help or are they even still alive?

Only a few of the many questions that the worried relatives or friends have and for which there is no answer.

In most cases there is, of course, support available from the police when looking for missing persons – however, this is not always as intensive as the relatives or friends would like. So, when the search has gone on for a longer period of time and has proved futile, sooner or later the investigation will be shelved – even against the will of those remaining – until a new lead appears.

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Even if the missing person is traced by the police and demonstrates that they have gone off on their own volition, the officials must take account of their personal right of free choice of where they live – assuming that they are adults and are not helpless. This also applies to persons who have fled abroad. In any case there is a general tendency that investigations abroad are often not carried out in the scope that would be desired by those waiting at home, due to the somewhat restricted capacities of the police.

With excellent investigative skills and the necessary empathy – both for the situation of the missing person and for their relatives and friends – the responsible professionals from our detective agency will commit themselves to the discrete search for the missing person. From questioning people in the environment of the missing person through investigations on the Internet and on to mobile phone localization, the investigator will lace together a package of measures tailored to the individual case in order to find the missing person or to provide certainty to a worried person waiting for news.