An ever declining sense of wrongdoing and the continuously growing readiness of some people to turn criminal energy into violence and other crimes, has led to the understandable desire of many people to provide themselves with greater security for themselves or their company by means of qualified security personnel.

However, there are often obvious problems when looking for suitable support. The difficulty is that in Germany, terms such as “bodyguard” or “Security” are not protected – this means that anyone can adorn themselves with these titles without having gone through any qualified training in this field and can then offer the corresponding services.

Personal protection or property protectionNaturally, the services provided by these individual persons or security firms seem very tempting at a first glance. However, it must be clear in the mind of a client who is looking for the best possible security for themselves, for other persons or for their company, that a multitude of violent attacks require the correct immediate action to avoid damage or to keep these as small as possible.

Only well trained bodyguards with a good overview and excellent physical and mental abilities can comprehensively fulfill this service.

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It is often forgotten or simply ignored when recruiting security personnel indiscriminately that a professional bodyguard or factory security guard not only requires a complete range of capabilities and skills but must also have the necessary experience to be able to deal with an unexpected and dangerous situation quickly, adequately and appropriately.

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