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Credit Assessment & Proof of Assets

What is meant by credit assessment and proof of assets?

In the case of credit assessments or asset assessments, the creditworthiness of private individuals or companies and their liquidity is checked. The creditworthiness is an important factor for business decisions for companies, but also for private individuals, because only if this is correspondingly positive can the risk of default be reduced and better calculated.

Other important areas of credit assessments are, if a debtor claims to be unable to pay or if alimony is no longer being paid.

Wir klären die Vermögenswerte von Verdächtigen

The type and amount of individual assets is considered a private matter. However, this fundamental right changes whenever a person is compelled to provide information about his or her personal financial situation for legal reasons or by court order.

A typical case in which an up-to-date verification of assets can be requested from a person is during divorce proceedings – often in connection with disputes over custody of the common children – the clarification of inheritance matters or the calculation of the amount of unemployment benefit.

In many of our cases it has already been determined that, despite the alleged insolvency, an expensive vacation was taken or a new vehicle was purchased or the debtor’s business was earning extremely well.

Government institutions may fail to accurately record the assets of the persons concerned, this information is then even more difficult for private individuals or companies to obtain. In these cases, it is necessary to involve a professional detective agency to obtain verification of actual assets.


Financial circumstances are often deliberately concealed!

Our detective agency has the capabilities to obtain information regarding suspected inconsistencies.

More and more often, people who wish to conceal their assets resort to criminal means, by transacting their money into illegal accounts abroad. For the layman, it is hardly possible to discover or even prove this. The experienced investigators at our detective agency are able to provide competent assistance to creditors and beneficiaries.

Debt and maintenance cases commonly initiate a so-called “wealth blackout”. In this classic situation, a person suddenly pretends to be unemployed or bankrupt. For example, a person have sentenced to pay damages in a lawsuit after an accident, may claim that they cannot pay the requested amount under any circumstances.

Those affected, who are waiting for the outstanding payments and do not know when or even if they can expect them to be received, usually go through an emotional roller coaster ride between horror, anger and powerlessness. Especially when they are getting little help from the police and that consulting a lawyer provides more costs than success. The only promising way is often the way to a detective agency who is specialized in the determination of assets.

We provide the evidence of hidden assets

Our aim is to provide clear facts that will endure in the context of a legal dispute. In many cases, this evidence can be obtained by shadowing the suspect and providing “impartial” documentation which can be legally submitted into a court of law but sometimes requires further extensive research. It is not uncommon for us to provide proof of income for an allegedly unemployed person and to expose the person’s disguised financial situation immediately.

Our detective agency can deliver clear and comprehensible investigation results, which are recognized as evidence in court and required for a suspect to be convicted of willful deception or fraud.

Most debtors are very creative in order not to be exposed and are willing to go to great lengths to avoid detection and prosecution. Only a trained expert has the skills and know-how to carry out an observation correctly and not be exposed in the process.

Reports are provided in written and with visual documentation, as applicable. All detectives involved are, of course, available to you as witnesses in court at any time.

Who will pay the costs of the investigation?

According to the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice, the detective costs incurred for the investigation, are part of the legal costs, which in the event of a dispute, the losing party, under the condition that the detective work was necessary for the enforcement of the law, with reference to a specific suspicion. This applies to both the economic and the private sector.

This means: The detective agency proves that a criminal offense or misdemeanor was committed by the opposing party during the investigation and surveillance. In this case the losing party has to reimburse the detective costs.

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