Investigation tactics

Our guidelines for professional observations

A private investigator’s tricks, from preparing the surveillance to equipping and reporting, is the essence of a successful surveillance or investigation.

Our detectives strictly follow a set of guidelines provided by us – this is one of the reasons why our detective agency has been “Always one step ahead” since 1924! Our successes speak for themselves.

Surveillance is one of the oldest and most common investigative practices. Whether you are gathering information on a subject or investigating an insurance fraud case, real-time direct observation remains a useful tool.

While experience is the best way to conduct successful and effective surveillance, a detective must also have the appropriate investigative tactics and equipment. In the following we have put together some of the most effective surveillance techniques used by our detective agency, which we have learned and refined over the course of over 96 years.

We have been passing this knowledge on to our investigators and detectives in training for generations in order to be optimally equipped for private and commercial investigations and other tasks.