Frequently asked questions

What is a private investigator?

Private detectives are service providers for legal investigations who are specially qualified and trained to provide information for an investigation or the like. to collect. The goal of an investigation is determined by the customer who places the order.

A private detective is among others trained to be successful where an untrained person is most unlikely to be successful or where legal reasons prevent them from acting. Private investigators handle a wide variety of different case tasks, helping solve problems for individuals, corporate organizations, and even government agencies.

How does the investigation and commissioning process work?

You can handle the entire investigation and commissioning process comfortably and discreetly either by phone / email or you can meet one of our client advisors in our office.

It's up to you how you want to deal with this part. We'll ask you a series of questions about your case to help create an investigation plan. As soon as we have agreed on the plan, fill out our contract, which we will either send you securely by email, fax, WhatsApp or hand it over personally. This must be approved and signed by you before the commissioning begins.

After placing the order, send us the contractually agreed deposit. Once these steps are completed, we will start executing the order.

Do I get a report and/or video/images of your results?

Yes, the detective agency MENG creates a written, truthful activity report in digital form (PDF file) for the client after the order is completed and the payment has been received was permissible.

What do I have to do before I hire you?

Please collect all information on the subject of the order, including pictures and other important information. Then create a new email account that you will only use to communicate with us (to ensure that the target person in question does not have access to it).

Make sure you are using a safe phone as well. After you've made your preparations, act naturally (especially if the subject of investigation is your spouse or co-worker).

Don't change patterns of interaction, and also remember to limit the number of people you tell you have engaged a private investigator. Indeed, it would be wise to keep this fact to yourself, at least until the investigation is complete.

How often will you update me during the investigation?

We try to keep our customers informed as often as possible. Interim reports can be issued every working day after the end of work, but in principle only in verbal/telephone form, but not in written form. This interim information is not guaranteed.

Can you give me phone records or access to someone's email address?

No, both are considered private and it is not legal for anyone to give you this information.

Can you use a GPS device on the target person's car?

No. According to the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice, the use of GPS transmitters is strictly prohibited and is a criminal offense! Rest assured that our specially trained detectives will convict the target person even without the use of illegal aids.

How do I know who you are and what is the reputation of your detective agency?

You are welcome to check the numerous reviews on the Internet through our agency. Of course, for reasons of discretion and confidentiality, we cannot give you any customer recommendations, but the fact that we have been one of the oldest and most renowned detective agencies in the world since 1924 speaks for itself. If you have any further questions about our background, please feel free to ask us.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for multiple surveillance days, as well as for active military personnel and seniors.

Can you fool someone for me? Get a girl to flirt with my man?

No, we do not participate in such an approach. It is our job to observe, not to mislead or even to cheat (also called "agent provocateur"). We only carry out professional investigations or observations for you. We consider everything else to be unprofessional and immoral.

Can you refuse me your services if I have no legitimate interest in placing an order?

Yes, we can and we will refuse to take over your case, if there is no legitimate interest in placing the order after the previous check.

Will you testify for me in court on my case?

Yes, we will. All detectives involved are of course available to you as witnesses in court at any time.