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Video or camera surveillance is not only one of the most frequently used, but also one of the most effective types of surveillance in the wide spectrum of services of a professional detective agency.

By making the perpetrator and their criminal acts observable, clear evidence is provided that can be successfully used by the police or in court.

Surveillance scenarios requiring the use of the most modern visual recording technology occurring our daily work in our detective agency.

In the business sector, we are very often confronted with the needs of the managing directors of various types of companies to check untrustworthy employees or to identify the worker or employee in question responsible for a theft or embezzlement.

Reasons for this can be, for example, an unaccounted for money in the till, inexplicable disappearance of office supplies, irregular inventory differences relating to warehousing, sabotage of production or the leakage of company-internal information.

Intercom systems used to protect factories or offices also work on a video basis, among other things. In times of ever tougher competition, targeted video surveillance is also possible to detect industrial espionage by competitors. For example, when a spy from another company breaks into the business premises or when an employee in the service of the competing company copies secret documents.

Our team of technicians, with more than 50 years of experience in the security sector, develop a tailor-made security concept and equip your company or house with the correct equipment.

All of our technicians are VDE and VDS tested and certified!

We offer you the following professional technology for the commercial and private sector:

  • Locking systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Mobile video surveillance
  • Alarm systems / burglar alarm systems
  • Fire alarm technology
  • Access control
  • Drone defense
  • Eavesdropping technology
  • GPS technology

In these cases, it is a matter of specific event-related monitoring, which is typically set up until the perpetrator has been identified. On the other hand, businesses that work with high-quality goods or that attract a large number of shoplifters require continuous monitoring. In these cases, our professional camera surveillance service naturally also offers our well-trained detectives on site, either temporarily or permanently.

Increasing demand for video surveillance, alarm systems and locking systems in the commercial and private sector:

Requests from the private sector are also increasing, which are best be satisfied with video documents. Conflicts between neighbors, protection against burglars or cases of vandalism on your own property are typical examples.

In times when personal rights and data protection are guarded particularly sensitively, we are often asked the question of the legality of video surveillance. The reassuring answer to this is that video recordings are allowed if they are either used to pursue a specific suspicion of a criminal offense or if it is intended to ensure the safety of people in public facilities such as train stations or football stadiums.

Our qualified detectives, who are experienced in recording technology, can clarify which form of video investigation is best suited for a private, business or public purpose as part of a detailed action plan. This begins with a detailed consultation, in which the needs and wishes of the client are worked out. Our monitoring experts can additionally get a comprehensive picture of the situation on site, so that they can give more specific recommendations and better address security deficiencies immediately.

The video technology used by our detective agency is always state-of-the-art. Depending on the individual needs, technologies can be used that transmit the data received via radio or cable. Saving the recordings in digital format makes both the availability and the sending of the video recordings possible in a matter of seconds.

The inconspicuous placement of tiny surveillance cameras is one of the indispensable tools of every professional investigator. Our detectives often succeed in hiding the mini-format recording technology in blankets or smoke alarms, pictures or flowers that they are not even discovered by the client. Of course, we also have numerous options for installing the cameras in camouflaged objects specially adapted to the respective environment.

The advantages of surveillance via video technology are obvious. It guarantees complete recording of events around the clock – provided that a recording model is used that can also record in the dark with integrated infrared technology. The surveillance works without the need for an investigator or other person to be around. The camera can also be controlled by computer in such a way that it always adopts the viewing angle desired by the viewer and, in an emergency, can be varied under real-time conditions.

The costs of video surveillance by a reputable detective agency are in many cases reimbursable. Our detective agency will be happy to pass on information about the various options.

Where does camera surveillance make sense?

By using the latest technology, such as concealed mini camera surveillance with recording capabilities; cash registers, incoming and outgoing goods, warehouses, production facilities, blocked access, etc. can be monitored.

How does the recording work?

Various cameras with “needle-eye” lenses are installed in hidden places. The observation is noiseless and inconspicuous. The video signal is transmitted via wire, radio or DSL to a long-term recorder, image memory or computer. Monitor monitoring is possible anytime and anywhere via APP.

To ensure confidentiality, the cameras are installed at night or on weekends.

What evidence does camera surveillance have in court?

Video surveillance recordings are recognized as evidence in court.

Who will pay the costs of the investigation?

According to the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice, the detective costs incurred for the investigation, are part of the legal costs, which in the event of a dispute, the losing party, under the condition that the detective work was necessary for the enforcement of the law, with reference to a specific suspicion. This applies to both the economic and the private sector.

This means: The detective agency proves that a criminal offense or misdemeanor was committed by the opposing party during the investigation and surveillance. In this case the losing party has to reimburse the detective costs.

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