Video or camera surveillance is not only one of the techniques most often used but is also, by a margin, one of the most effective types of surveillance in the investigative repertoire of a professional detective agency.

Video surveillanceBy making the perpetrator and their criminal activities visible, conclusive evidence is provided, and this can be effectively used by the police or the court.

There are a great many surveillance scenarios in the daily work of our detective agency that require the use of the most up-to-date visual recording equipment.

In the business sector we are often confronted by the wish of the managing directors of various companies to monitor untrustworthy employees or to initially find out which of the employees or staff members is responsible for a theft or embezzlement.

The reasons for this could be money missing from the till, unexplained disappearance of office material, regular stores inventory discrepancies, the sabotage of production systems or the constant disclosure of information that is internal to the company.

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Also, intercom systems that are used for the protection of factories or offices can operate on a video basis. In a time when competition is becoming harder and harder, targeted video monitoring can also be used for uncovering industrial espionage by competitors. For example, if a spy from another company breaks into the company premises or if a single employee in the service of the competitor company copies a confidential document.

In these cases we are dealing with concrete incident-related surveillance that is often used only until the perpetrator has been discovered. In contrast, continuous surveillance is required by shops that deal with valuable goods or attract a large number of shoplifters. In these cases our professional service for camera monitoring of course also offers the temporary or permanent on-site presence of our well trained detectives.

Wo ist eine Kameraüberwachung sinnvoll?

Durch den Einsatz modernster Technik, wie z.B. verdeckter Mini-Kamera-Überwachung mit Aufzeichnung, können Kassen, Wareneingang und Warenausgang, Lager, Produktionsstätten, gesperrter Zutritt etc. überwacht werden.

Wie funktioniert die Aufzeichnung?

Der Einbau verschiedener Kameras mit Nadelöhrobjektiven erfolgt an unsichtbaren Plätzen. Die Observation geschieht geräuschlos und unauffällig. Über Draht, Funk oder DSL wird das Videosignal an einen Langzeitrekorder, Bildspeicher oder Computer übertragen. Eine Monitorüberwachung ist jederzeit und überall möglich.

Um die Geheimhaltung zu gewährleisten, erfolgt der Einbau der Kameras nachts oder am Wochenende.

Welche Beweisfähigkeit hat eine Kameraüberwachung vor Gericht?

Beachten Sie, dass die Aufzeichnungen einer Videoüberwachung als beweisfähiger Sachverhalt vor Gericht anerkannt sind.