You can protect yourself from problem employees and dismiss them with legally valid justification if necessary.

Diskrete Mitarbeiterüberwachung durch Detektei MengAgain and again our detective agency is confronted by the fact that employers – even in the face of solid grounds for suspicion – shy away from personnel surveillance and argue with the personal rights of the employee or staff member. At this point it is important to note that with a concrete suspicion, the interests of the company are being quite legally protected by this mechanism.

One the one hand, with regard to the financial or material damage that a company can suffer through the actions of untrustworthy employees. On the other hand, also due to the deterioration of the working atmosphere, which always occurs when a colleague turns out to be a habitual disruptive factor.
In addition, without targeted investigation by experienced detectives it is most often not possible to gather evidence that will withstand the legal requirements for a dismissal on grounds of conduct, often a summary dismissal.

Alongside the conviction of the suspect through supporting evidence, the use of detectives for personnel surveillance also offers two further advantages:

  • For one, the use of professional investigators is generally speaking absolutely unnoticeable by the employees – on the one hand through the use of state-of-the-art technology and on the other hand through the infiltration of covert investigators. This is much less conspicuous than the clearly visible monitoring of work through the use of monitoring cameras.
  • The second advantage of the unseen surveillance is that the conviction of an untrustworthy employee should not always be seen as the only desired outcome. In fact, an existing suspicion could be unequivocally dismissed through the investigations of our detectives and perhaps the real reason for the existing irregularities can be found, this not only takes the suspicion away from the innocent employee. It is also a step towards re-establishing a trusting work atmosphere and the resultant increase in work efficiency.

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