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Counter technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)

There are many areas of risk that should concern you as a business owner. Not only about competitors after inside secrets, but also about other motives you may not have considered; such as voyeurs putting cameras in toilet facilities, and anyone who wants to harm not only your brand but with malicious personal intent towards you or your employees.

Large and mid-sized companies in are most commonly the victims of industrial espionage. Regardless of the size or type of business the risk of losing clients or getting taken out of business completely, when secret or damaging information is obtained by competitors or personal enemies, is never zero.

Suppose a competitor listens and learns the following:

  • Corporate secrets
  • Your customer or client list and/or their private data
  • Sensitive details about current or future projects
  • Pricing, budgets, or salaries
  • Confidential discussions with employees, customers or clients
  • Executive schedules

Should your competitor learn any of the elements listed above, it could drastically affect your business. It is common for a competitor to place a mole in a business or corrupt a current employee who can easily install a covert audio or video device to monitor your activity.

Conference rooms / Zoom meetings

As is the norm for most companies, do you hold your most frequent and important meetings in your conference room? Can you guarantee that there is no hidden transmitter, microphone, audio recorder or camera in your conference room?

No matter how optimistic you may be, unless you have recently had a professional assessment, you cannot be sure. Fortunately, our experts can determine if such elements are present in your conference room.

Let our technicians check your conference room before you hold your next important meeting.

Employees and management

Employees and senior executives are often the target of audio and video technical surveillance devices, either from their supervisors, a malicious employee, or a competitor. The only way to prove if this is happening is to have your office or work area physically and electronically scanned by a trained technician using sophisticated and expensive electronic scanning equipment.

Dressing rooms, Doctor Exam Rooms, Apartment Rental, Hotel and more

When searching the internet for “hidden cameras found in toilets”, an alarming number of news articles reveal cases of hidden video cameras found in public toilets. The negative publicity that comes from someone finding a hidden camera in the toilet of one of your locations is extremely damaging.

What types of technical surveillance devices do we recognize?

Our counter-technical surveillance specialists detect the following electronic technical surveillance devices:

  • Audio or video recording and transmitting devices
  • GSM, LTE, 3G and 4G cellular technical surveillance devices
  • Wireless monitoring systems
  • Cable and microphone listening devices
  • Telephone technical surveillance devices
  • Wireless micro video equipment
  • Laser or infrared devices
  • GPS trackers on vehicles.
  • Cell phone spyware / malware

Since technical surveillance, in many cases, is based on modern communication media such as cell phones or computers, our detective agency has specially trained investigators who have a high level of technological competence and complex technical equipment – from high-frequency measurement to thermography – seamless detection of the rooms and the effective distance detected surveillance technology.

The costs of these professionally carried out measures are well below the legal and financial damage that results from technical surveillance. Removing technical surveillance technology before it could have a negative impact is the best strategy.

Even if there is presently no suspicion or evidence of technical surveillance, it is worth investing in a detailed professional inspection, as our detective agency can provide a consultation with precise information concerning the security of the rooms and communication media in question. We can create a specialized needs-based defense that offer both reassurance and prevention measures against espionage attacks.

Important note on contacting:

As soon as you think it possible to be eavesdropped, there are a few simple rules to follow when contacting us:

  • Do not call us from the monitored premises, but go to a place that you think is safe.

  • Do not use your own mobile phone! Ideally, contact us or contact us from an external landline connection or disposable mobile phone with a prepay card.

  • A third-party laptop / PC (not your own device) is recommended for establishing contact via email/ Internet.

Who will pay the costs of the investigation?

According to the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice, the detective costs incurred for the investigation, are part of the legal costs, which in the event of a dispute, the losing party, under the condition that the detective work was necessary for the enforcement of the law, with reference to a specific suspicion. This applies to both the economic and the private sector.

This means: The detective agency proves that a criminal offense or misdemeanor was committed by the opposing party during the investigation and surveillance. In this case the losing party has to reimburse the detective costs.

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