Terms of Service

The detective agency undertakes to carry out orders received to the best of its knowledge and belief with the due care that is customary in business. Any further liability for the detective agency and its employees is excluded. In particular, no liability is taken for resolutions passed on the basis of investigations by the detective agency.

The manner in which the order is carried out is determined solely by the detective agency at its due discretion.

The legal relationship between the client and the detective agency is, insofar a service contract, otherwise a service contract with regard to the services of the detective agency.

Unless otherwise agreed, the detective agency undertakes to provide at least one report in writing.

All reports of the detective agency are issued in the protection of legitimate interests, they are only intended for the client and are to be treated with strictly confidentially. The client becomes liable if the report is passed on to third parties in violation of the agreement.

The detective agency is subject to confidentiality.

The detective agency may not act against the interests of the client in the context of an order placed. If a conflict of interests arises in the course of the execution of the order, the detective agency may return the order with reference to this.

The client retains no right to be informed about the confidential informants of the detective agency.

The client can terminate until 24 hours before each day, the detective agency if there is an important reason.

False information provided by the client entitles the detective agency to contract termination. If the contractual relationship is terminated prematurely, the detective agency is entitled to the fee and any prepaid expenses or arrangements accrued up to the effective date of the termination and to reimbursement of expenses incurred up to that point.

The assertion of further fidelity damage is not excluded.

The client agrees not to act on or interfere with the matter of investigation themselves nor to appoint or allow third parties to act during the time the services of the detective agency are engaged or retained.

On statutory Sundays and public holidays as well as at night (8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.), an appropriate surcharge is imposed along with the regular hourly fee. Special surcharges are reserved for work abroad.

The completion can be made dependent on a reasonable advance payment or retainer. After the advance fee has been expended, the detective agency can interrupt or suspend work until new payment has been made. If the payment deadline is exceeded, the usual bank default interest will be charged without the need for a reminder.

If claims are made against the detective agency in litigation or other procedures as a result of the hearing or written reports, the client is obligated to reimburse the detective agency for the time required and expenses in accordance with set rates. Compensation paid by the court for the claim shall be offset against the remuneration.

By signing the order, the client affirms that they are not pursuing or supporting any goals that endanger the state or any other unlawful goals by placing the order, and therefore release the detective agency and its employees from liability in regards to the legality of the client’s intentions or actions.

The place of jurisdiction is the seat of the detective agency Mannheim, Germany.

Only the terms of service in the signed contract apply!