FAQ: Counter Technical surveillance (TSCM)

Who is a likely target for the technical surveillance?

While any company, organization, or individual can be a target, there are certain targets that eavesdroppers prefer: Industries like healthcare, energy, utilities, agriculture, chemistry, and environmental technologies are primary targets for electronic technical surveillance.

Those in leadership or technical roles in these industries, celebrities, politicians, and high-profile people are also likely targets of electronic wiretapping. Any company, organization, or individual that has access to valuable or potentially harmful information could be a target of interest to an eavesdropper.

What are the typical red flags that you are a target for electronic technical surveillance?

Can you answer yes to one or more of these questions? If your answer is yes, you may be a target of electronic technical surveillance:

  • Your private conversations were repeated to you
  • Your competitors have access to otherwise properly protected or confidential information
  • You have access to information that can be harmful or profitable to someone
  • Your competitors always seem to be one step ahead of you
  • You lose your business to competitors who don't offer better service, technology, or experience

Are there events or activities where eavesdroppers prefer to gather information?

Technical surveillance collects valuable information. The value can be monetary or, for the eavesdropper, have a national, political, personal or other value. The following are examples of events or activities that may be of particular interest to an eavesdropper:

  • Your company is German owned and operates abroad.
  • The collection of wireless communication.
  • Changes in corporate governance, ownership and / or organizational structure are discussed.
  • A deal is about to be made or a merger is ongoing.
  • Contract negotiations with major customers, trade unions or other work organizations are ongoing.
  • A board of directors or shareholders' meeting is imminent.
  • The company, organization, or person is the subject of news media attention
  • New products or technologies are about to be patented or launched.
  • Marketing campaigns and / or sales strategies are discussed.
  • Significant changes in the number of employees or contractors are imminent (expansions, layoffs, etc.).
  • A political campaign is about to start or a key election is approaching.
  • A separation, divorce, custody or other personal matters with important consequences are pending.
  • Every event or activity is imminent where valuable information is to be discussed or exchanged.

What types of technical surveillance devices do your counter-technical surveillance experts recognize?

Below is a sample list of the technical surveillance threats that our counter-technical surveillance engineers can detect.

  • Active (broadcast) and passive (devices that are turned off or remotely activated), technical surveillance devices that transmit audio or video.
  • Laser and infrared listening devices
  • Cable and microphone taps
  • Technical surveillance devices: Telephone and Telephone Line Analysis
  • Hidden video cameras
  • Hidden technology in cell phones, GSM bugs.
  • Spyware for mobile devices
  • GPS tracking devices on vehicles
  • Acoustic technical surveillance devices, etc.

What are common listening methods?

Technical surveillance is possible by a wide variety of listening devices and methods for gathering information. Modern technology continues to expand both the detection range of devices and the length of time a device maintains sufficient power to capture information without having to recharge ort change the power source. Devices can also transmit collected information over Wi-Fi networks, eliminating the need to fetch the listening device from the information collection point.

Technical surveillance devices range from inexpensive spy devices, which can be bought on eBay for less than 30 €, to sophisticated spyware for cell phones, GPS trackers and other high-tech methods with which data is recorded and distributed over the cellular network.

Typically, eavesdroppers use different types of capturing devices to ensure they acquire information in the event a device is identified, misplaced to capture the desired information, or if the power source fails. Experienced eavesdroppers can also fool their target by locating one or two easily found technical surveillance devices or decoys in the hopes that the target will find one of those devices and stop looking for additional more advanced devices.

How much does a TSCM cost?

Proper TSCM checks are not cheap, but they are affordable and their value can be enormous. The most important question you can ask yourself is "What is the value of the information, intellectual property, or privacy?" that you need to protect. Then it is important to consider the technical know-how of the suspected eavesdropper, the potential technical surveillance risks and your budget. The more information you can give us, the better we are able to recommend the level of service that is appropriate for your particular situation.

The TSCM options usually depend on the area of the property, the number of offices / rooms to be serviced, and the number of phones / lines, computers, audio / video equipment, mobile devices, etc. See examples below:

Price example 1:

TSCM examinations of a small office for example in the greater Munich or New York area: The customary prices in the industry are on average € 3,000 - € 10,000 depending on the scope and the devices to be examined.

Price example 2:

TSCM of an average single-family house for example in the greater Hamburg or Atlanta area: Depending on the scope and the devices to be examined, the usual prices in the industry are on average € 3,000 - € 7,000.

We have simplified this process by also offering all-inclusive counter technical surveillance packages as "flat fees". One of these all-inclusive TSCM packages covers most service requirements.

Contact MENG TSCM and defense protection using our secure contact form or give us a call. We will then offer you one of our all-inclusive technical surveillance options for a flat fee. (Please be sure to note our advice on how to contact us safely!)

You may remain anonymous for as long as you wish. You need only reveal your identity to us, which we are required to maintain as absolutely confidential, when you decide to officially engage our services. All inquiries are also treated with absolute confidentiality.

How long does it take to conduct a technical surveillance test?

A technical surveillance test can take a few hours to a few days to complete. The duration largely depends on the size of the area to be checked, the number of phones / lines etc., the timely access to the areas to be measured etc. Typically, most small technical surveillance screenings can be done in one day.

Why should you hire us?

When you use our services, you are hiring knowledgeable, well-trained counterintelligence experts who employ the latest and best equipment and resources to detect threats. We are aware of current and emerging threats and ensure that we continue to be able to identify them.
We are fully prepared and able to cope with all known threat levels, as well as the continuous technological advances in relation to covert technical monitoring devices, technical security risks, espionage methods and other technical threats.
Your service is provided by an expert, not an electrical engineer or a part-time service provider. You hire an counter-technical surveillance expert with a strong track record and experience in counter-espionage.
Our counter-technical surveillance experts have conducted successful counter-technical surveillance operations and counter-espionage advisory services around the world.

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